To Avoid Covid-19 Infection Postpone Your New Year Eve Parties: Doctors

avoid covid-19

Doctors advised people to postpone their Parties of New Year’s eve to avoid the further transmission of Covid-19 infection. Due to the present transmission rate of the virus, the number of attendees of the Times Square New Year’s celebration is also reduced from 58,000 people.

People must skip their indoor gatherings of the New Year this year, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, the professor of surgery and medicine at George Washington University.

Reiner said that the latest variant of covid-19 is highly transmissible. If a person is unvaccinated, he is at high risk to get an infection. So, it is better to cancel your all New Year’s gathering programs to avoid covid-19 infection, Reiner told CNN.

Furthermore, he said that even at a small party, everyone must be vaccinated and have negative test results before attending the party. People should postpone indoor gatherings to save themselves and their families. The outdoor parties have a large space where people can manage social distancing, but it’s good to avoid the crowd.

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Stay Away From Crowd To Avoid Covid-19

According to the Covid-19 live data, thousands of new cases are coming to hospitals daily. The doctors and medical health workers are serving day and night. They are trying to save their nation. So, now it is the responsibility of the public to follow the safety guidelines properly to avoid covid-19 infection.

All medical staff sacrifices their families and leave behind their safety just to treat their patients. In addition to this, scientists and researchers are also busy in exploring the situation much. They are also investigating the efficacy of the 4th dose of vaccine to avoid covid-19.

The results of preliminary research show that the omicron variant is causing a mild infection than the Delta variant. Despite the fact, the infection is spreading rapidly all over the world.

Dr. Jonathan Renier also said that in the current situation of the world, at the same time there a lot of issues. Due to the pandemic, people are frustrated, and they don’t want further restrictions. That’s why the CDC’s latest guidelines reduced the isolation time of asymptomatic people. We need to co-operate with the government to save our lives and others also.