WHO: Africa Is On Track of Improvement From Pandemic

WHO: Africa Is On Track of Improvement From Pandemic

The World Health Oranization’s Reginal Head of Continent Africa said that all African countries are on track now to control coronavirus and its variants also. This year, Africa will become able to manage this infection more better, WHO press briefing.

There is no doubt that African countries faced countless challenges since the first outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020. People go through a severe economic crisis and harsh lockdowns. They faced shortages of food and other essential items in these two years of serious pandemic. In addition to this, inequality in accessing vaccines also made the situation worst.

According to the data of the Africa, Center of Disease Control and Prevention, the Africa also has a high rate of recovery as well.

“Over the past two years, the continent, Africa becomes more faster, better and smarter with every new surge of coronavirus variant”, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director of Africa.

Furthermore Moeti said that if the current trend persists than we can happily say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

On Thursday, Moeti said to the reporters that as long as people remain vigilant and serious about getting vaccinated, the continent will remain on the track of improvement.

Africa is far behind in getting vaccination as compared to the other countries of the World. Overall, 11% adult African population is fully vaccinated, Thurday statement of WHO.

Africa Is In New Phase of Pandemic: WHO

Moreover, he said that Africa is moving forward into a new phase of Pandemic. There is a need for stronger medical health systems for the management of future waves of infection.

The Africa office of WHO said that near about 15 countries in Africa are getting Covid testing and tools for prevention of infection like hand gels and masks.

In addition to this, the health agency said that the count of covid testing laboratories has also increased from 2 to 900 in 2 years.