Men’s Mental Health | Why It is Important to Talk About It?

men's mental health matters also
men's mental health matters also

Surveys from around the globe find that men talk very little about their mental health. They used to suffer silently. Moreover, men are more likely to commit suicide and end their lives as compared to women. According to research conducted by WHO, men commit suicide more than women. Even, in highly established countries, the suicide rate among men is quite high.

There is no doubt that there are a lot more stuff economic conditions that are killing the mental peace of a person. Situational stressors play a significant role in causing men’s mental health issues.

Furthermore, these stressors can include various things such as relationship issues, arguments, lack of satisfaction, unhappiness from life, negative thinking issues, grudges, professional life problems, and much more are there to disturb the mental health of a man.

According to the press release from UCLA, “Men also need support during stressful transitions”. That’s why it is important to promote men’s mental health awareness through different platforms. We can’t deny the fact that men receive very little formal mental health support as compared to women. Now, we must know why men’s mental health is important.

There is a need to talk about men’s mental health and what mental health experts are saying about it. We must focus on this topic because now men should share their issues and mental distress. Now, it’s time to stop suffering silently and die in the darkness.

Stereotypic Behavior of Society

On a daily basis, we used to hear many statements related to men. Some statements are “Men never cry”, and “Men are men, they are strong and powerful so they never tired mentally or physically”. On the other hand, they used to hear that they were strong enough to deal with every problem.

All these things make them silent. Due to this stereotypic behavior of our society, they fight with their inner issues and sufferings alone. Simon Rice, an Australian expert on mental health said:

“Sex differences in mental health typically emerge across late childhood and adolescence. This time is also when gender norms become entrenched, persisting into later life, whereby they continue to shape mental health and help-seeking”.

That’s why at times of personal hardship and emotional distress, men also need support and help. They should speak up about their issues and society must understand their mental health state. Indeed, there is no need to suffer silently.

Men’s Mental Health Awareness

According to various mental health experts, there is a need for better mental health education about men. Researchers suggested a need to break the stigma around men’s mental health by launching national campaigns.

In addition to this, the community-based programs also help men to speak up about their mental health problems. All these things will decrease the negative men’s mental health statistics worldwide.

Men will also think that it is completely fine to talk about their suffering and mental health issues. Moreover, there is no issue with crying when they feel like crying. No doubt crying reduces the level of our stress.

Additionally, they can seek help and emotional support in need. Men’s health is also important, so consult an expert on time. All these things will decrease the level of suicidal ideation among men. Everyone can get support and mental health help when he feels that things are going beyond his control. Stay healthy and stay happy.