5 Most Scary Places in the World

5 most scary places in the world
5 most scary places in the world

Have you ever been to scary or haunted places anywhere in the world? No? Most of us like to read or listen to stories about haunted or creepy places. Some ghost hunters or adventurous people also explore those terrifying places to get a glimpse of ghosts.

However, the main objective of those ghost hunters is to explore and bring truth in front of the people. Moreover, some people explore such places to show that ghosts are not real.

God knows better whether ghosts are real or not. Some people witness suspicious or scary supernatural activities in some places worldwide. Let’s explore a few such scary and creepy places on this planet.

1)    The Doll’s Island, Mexico

Dolls are beautiful toys for little girls to play. Nevertheless, you find creepy dolls all over one island. Yes, there is one island named “Island of Dolls”. There you can find dolls here and there all over the island. Moreover, they whisper with each other or move their hands. Sounds terrifying? Yes, it is. It is one of the creepiest places in the world. Well, if you wish to visit this scary island, the dolls will welcome you anytime.

2)    Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

A mysterious forest full of spooky trees and horrible silence is present in Romania. Several people report paranormal activities there in the forest. Furthermore, many people disappear without any solid reason.

People who survived also suffered from high levels of anxiety and nausea. It is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. Moreover, the people think it is one of the scariest places on earth. So, guys what is your plan for next vacation?

3)    St. George’s Church, Czech Republic

Another scary place that frightened people is St. George’s church in the Czech Republic. Can you believe that this church caught fire mysteriously several times and burnt down countless times? On the other hand, once a blaze comes down from the roof during one funeral.

People abandoned this church for more than forty years. However, a statue maker made this place scarier by placing many statues made from plaster and draped in sheets. Additionally, the people find these statues sitting on benches. Now, the church is famous for the name “ghost church”. Some adventurous people still can visit the church on Sunday. People also reported supernatural activity there during their presence in that church.

4)    Aokigahara, Japan

If we say that it is one of the scariest places on earth to visit then it’s not wrong. No doubt, it is a very unfortunate place. This forest has a record of more than 105 suicides. Moreover, the Japanese spiritualists said that some paranormal activities limit people from exploring the depths of this forest.

There is no doubt, it is one of the places to visit for the ghost hunters to get some scariest experience of their life.

5)    Zvikov Castle, Czech Republic

Do you guys want a spooky surprise? If yes, then walk through the woods with a strong heart towards the break in the Otava and Vltava rivers and here you are. Zvikov Castle will welcome you with all its creepy and haunted looks. Moreover, you will get a spin-chilling experience there due to strange activities.

Furthermore, people reported that their pet dogs or cats started behaving strangely and their cameras broke down without any reason. Some reports are about sudden fires or sudden fire extinguishing also. One of the terrifying things is people died within one year who tried to sleep there in that castle.

Indeed, it is better to stay away from all the places that have scary or creepy stories. Life is a gift of God and we must protect it or thank God for this blessing.