BioNTech Plan To Ship Mobile Container Labs to Africa

BioNTech Plan To Ship Mobile Container Labs to Africa

BioNTech, the first covid vaccine firm announced plans about starting production in Africa. A German firm which is behind the production of first MRNA jab has now developed a “Laboratory in Container” which can be shipped to various countries.

The main goal is to fight against the deadly Coronavirus. That’s why, the workers and scientists are producing millions of doses of vaccines. They are trying their best to solve the issue of unequal distribution of vaccines.

Just because of this reason the supplies to Africa improved. Moreover, only the 11% of the adult population of Africa are fully vaccinated.

In addition to this, among other continents of the world, the Africa has the lowest rate of getting essential medical facilities and vaccines related to the coronavirus pandemic. The World Health Organization said that Africa is struggling more than any other continent of the world. That’s why Africa is also returning on track of improvement from the pandemic sufferings.

Furthermore, the presidents of Ghana, Rwanda and Senegal also expressed their full interest in this project of the German firm. All of them meet the heads of African Union and WHO at BioNTech site in Marburg. They discuss about the project of container Lab and all possible challenges.

As per the scientists, the two storey containers are enough for 50 million doses of vaccine per year. BioNTech intends to provide raw materials, containers and essential information without any cost.

In addition to this, the host country will provide land, sufficient supply of water and electricity and people who can work in those containers.

All the vaccines produced in these containers are used by the host country and also exported to other African countries. As per the estimation the first vaccine will produce in the year 2024 in Rwanda, Senegal or South Africa.