2022 May Be the End of the Pandemic: WHO

Message of WHO Chief

The Chief of WHO said in his New Year’s Eve message that the world has tools now to end this catastrophe of the pandemic even new cases of Covid are coming daily. No doubt, this New Year’s Eve message of the World Health Organization’s Chief is a new hope that once again people will live freely.

In addition to this, the optimistic message of WHO’s Chief comes with a warning “The longer inequity continues, the longer the pandemic will persist” CNN.

In these two years, the tools are distributed unevenly all over the world. It is the main hurdle in the ending of this pandemic. On one hand, in Africa, some health care workers are still unvaccinated. On the other hand, in the USA and Europe, people are receiving their 3rd booster dose. The virus is taking advantage of this situation. We are facing hardship, losses, and restrictions continuously, Chief said.

He said that if we wish to end this pandemic, we have to end this inequality and distribute the resources and awareness equally.

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WHO’s Chief Message | Hope and Complete Awareness

A daily record of Covid Data is the result of this inequity. As a New Year’s resolution, WHO will work in collaboration with the governments to ensure the delivery of vaccines all over the world to hit the target of at least 70% vaccinated people in every country till mid-2022, Chief further added in his message.

The whole message of WHO’s Chief on LinkedIn is a hope and complete awareness. People can find the answer of the question that why the pandemic is not going to end? In this message. No doubt, record cases of a new variant of coronavirus even in kids are reported daily. Some countries like China, lock down their main cities to control this virus, other countries are also taking precautions, but the success is hidden in an equal distribution of resources. We hope 2022 will be the end of this pandemic.