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Nestle Is Suspending Brands Like KitKat, Nesquik In Russia

Nestlé, the food giant suspends brands in Russia which also includes Kitkat and Nesquik. There is no doubt that Nestle is taking these steps after facing criticism of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Nestlé said in its statement:

 “Going forward, we are suspending renowned Nestlé brands such as KitKat and Nesquik, among others. We have already halted non-essential imports and exports into and out of Russia, stopped all advertising, and suspended all capital investment in the country. Of course, we are fully complying with all international sanctions on Russia. While we do not expect to make a profit in the country or pay any related taxes for the foreseeable future in Russia, any profit will be donated to humanitarian relief organizations,”

In addition to this, the Nestlé also said that its activities in Russia will only focus on the supply of hospital and medical nutrition. All this is not for making any profit.

Furthermore, Nestle said this approach is based on our values and goals. It is based on the principle of basic right to food.

No doubt from the very first day of the invasion, the Russia is under sanctions from the European world.

The Ukrainian President is also playing a significant role and initiates the world to impose sanctions over Russia to stop this brutal war in Ukraine. In this case, Zelensky also talked with Pope Francis for playing a mediating role to bring peace in Ukraine.

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