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US Defense Official: Russian Forces Have Stalled In Various Ukraine Parts

NewsUS Defense Official: Russian Forces Have Stalled In Various Ukraine Parts

According to the Defense Official of the Ukraine, Russian forces are present in various parts of the Ukraine in huge amount.

On Monday, the defense official said that there is no change in the situation of Mykolaiv or Kharkiv Chernihiv, and Mariupol. In fact the situation of Maripol is really bad.

Furthermore, the official said that the Russian military is present in different parts of the Ukraine.

In addition to this, the official told the media reporters:

 “They’ve made no progress in moving towards Kyiv, they’ve made no progress elsewhere in the north, whether its Chernihiv or Kharkiv, In Mariupol, Russian forces continue to use “long-range fires,” but “they have not been able to take Mariupol,”

Moreover, the overall situation of the maritime environment and airspace is still and without any change.

The official said:

Russian forces aren’t making any advances on Mykolaiv over the course of the weekend,” the official said, so they are outside the city.”

The official noted that Russian forces have fired more than 1,370 missiles into Ukraine since the outbreak of the invasion.

On the other side Ukrainian forces are trying their best to defend their country as much as possible for them.

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