Indian Embassy Advise Indians To Leave Kyiv “Urgently”

Indian Embassy Advise Indians To Leave Kyiv “Urgently”

On Tuesday, the Embassy of India in Kyiv advises its nationals to leave Kyiv on urgent basis as Russian military convoy is close to strike Ukraine capital more forcefully.

 “All Indian nationals including students are advised to leave Kyiv urgently today. Preferably by available trains or through any other means available,” the Indian Embassy advised Indian citizens.

Less than 24 hours earlier, the embassy had advised Indian citizens to “remain calm, peaceful and united,” asking them to remain patient as large crowds were expected at railway stations.

Tuesday’s announcement is based upon the current situation of Russian-Ukraine War. The Indian students in Ukraine are scared and filling high fear and stress.

Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs said in a news conference that ambassadors of Ukraine and Russia ensure fully safety of Indian citizens there.

India’s announcement comes as a Russian military convoy made up of armored vehicles, tanks, towed artillery and other logistical vehicles reached the capital’s outskirts Tuesday, as per the satellite images from Maxar Technologies.