Airstrikes Killed Many People in Yemen Cause Internet Blackout

Airstrikes Killed Many People in Yemen & Cause Internet Blackout

On Friday, the airstrikes killed 70 people and above 130 people are injured in Yemen. Another airstrike hit the telecommunication building in the Hodeidah city, Yemen that cause internet blackout.

According to the Net Blocks, a net disruption tracking organization, the airstrike damage the internet nationwide. As per another organization, during these airstrikes until now 3 children were killed.

The Red Cross sent a lot of emergency medical supplies to the hospitals, which received more injured people and casualties. After the airstrikes in Yemen, the situation is really bad many people were killed and several are severely injured. Doctors are afraid for more deaths due to serious injuries.

The head of the Yemen MSF mission, Ahmed Maht said that there were various bodies on the spot and several people are still missing. It is not clear that how many people are killed in these airstrikes in Yemen, it’s a horrible act of violence, he added.

Internet down in Yemen after Saudi-led air strike on telecom building

In addition to this, the hospital in Saada supported by MSF is filled with injured people and several dead bodies. As per MSF, the other two hospitals are also facing the same situation right now.

Due to the internet blackout, the gathering of information or other exact details is also difficult. In the current situation, the government is highly focused on the recovery of the internet system as soon as possible. There is no doubt that this internet blackout can cause some other crimes within the country.

On the other hand, the doctors are trying their best to save as many people as they can. Because they are seriously injured. In these airstrikes, some children were also killed and some are in hospitals with serious wounds. The doctors are seriously worried that either these injured people will win the fight of the life or not.