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What are 5 creative things I could do with my kids art?

It’s wonderful that you want to preserve and repurpose your kids’ artwork! Here are five creative ideas to help you make the most of their creations without cluttering your space.

Select the most special or representative pieces of your kids’ art and frame them. Arrange the framed artwork on a dedicated wall to create a beautiful and ever-changing gallery. This way, you can showcase their creativity in a visually appealing manner.

2. Make a Collage or Scrapbook:

Create a collage or scrapbook using various pieces of artwork. Cut out interesting shapes, combine colors, and add captions or stories to personalize the collage. This can be a fun and artistic project for both you and your kids, and it consolidates their artwork into a compact format.

3. Turn Art into Functional Items:

Transform the artwork into functional items like custom placemats, coasters, or even a puzzle. There are many online services that allow you to upload images and create personalized items. This way, the artwork becomes a part of your daily life in a practical way.

4 Digital Archive:

Photograph or scan the artwork and create a digital archive. You can organize these digital files in folders on your computer or create a slideshow to revisit the artwork without taking up physical space. This ensures that the memories are preserved even if the physical pieces are not kept.

5. DIY Wrapping Paper:

Use your kids’ artwork as a unique and personalized wrapping paper. Wrap gifts with their creations, and not only will it look fantastic, but it adds a special touch to the gift-giving experience. This is a great way to share their artwork with friends and family.

Remember, the key is to find a balance between cherishing the artwork and managing the clutter. By incorporating the art into your daily life or creating compact representations, you can enjoy the creativity without feeling overwhelmed by the volume of pieces.

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