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Turkish President: Both Countries Have “Legitimate Concerns” For Talks

On Tuesday, Tayyab Erdgan, the Turkish President said that Russia and Ukraine, both countries have legitimate concerns heading to the new round of talks.

Mr. Erdogan said before the meeting of both delegations started that it is possible to reach an agreement which can be beneficial for both countries.

In addition to this, the Turkish President also conveys his sincere greetings to the President Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President

Furthermore, Mr. Erdogan also called Presidents of both countries “Valuable Friends”

During his address, the Turkish President, Tayyab Erdogan Said:

“We think we’re in a period where we should expect solid outcomes from negotiations. You’re laying the foundations of peace with the directives of your leaders,”

“immediate ceasefire and peace would benefit all.”

The foreign ministry of the Ukraine also thanks Turkey for its mediating role in the coming round of talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Several parts of the Ukraine are under the attack of the Russian military. There is no doubt that the level of human sufferings is countless.

Now, the whole world is waiting with a hope that both countries will reach to an agreement. Previous rounds of negotiations ended without any result.

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