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Impact of Biden’s Unscripted Words on Russia-Ukraine War

Some unscripted words of President Biden associated with President Putin increased the tensions in the world.

On Saturday, in his speech, the President Biden clearly said that Putin can’t remain in power.

In response of these words, the Kremlin said it is the decision of people of Russian federation, Mr. Biden have no right to decide this.

Furthermore, Joe Biden also said that Putin is a “Butcher” and he is killing Ukrainian people.

On Sunday evening, Mr. Biden also told media reporters that he was not calling a regime change in Russia.

In addition to this, his subordinates several times gave explanations that their goal is not to remove Putin from power. The Unites States only wish to stop this unnecessary war.

There is no doubt that after effects of the Biden’s words leave the administration in a difficult situation.

Some are strategic and could influence the future course of the war and, thus far, the hopes of a ceasefire.

Others are political and relate to Biden’s position at home, amid a flood of Republican criticism, and internationally, as he seeks to keep the western coalition together.

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