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Germany Issues “Early Warning” of Gas Shortage

NewsGermany Issues “Early Warning” of Gas Shortage

Germany issued “Early Warning” possible shortage of natural gas because of sanctions over Russia. Russia wants to be paid in rubles for the purchase of oil and gas from Russia otherwise it will cut the energy supplies.

On Wednesday, Robert Habeck, a German economy minister said in a press conference in Berlin that this warning is based on preventive nature and it will enhance the monitoring of gas and oil supplies.

The Wednesday announcement does not provide any details related to government restrictions on the gas supplies.

Furthermore the Habbeck asked companies and consumers to remain conscious in the use of gas. The government gas storage of Germany is about 25%, as per the statement of Habeck.

 At the present moment, there is no shortage of any supply, but we must take precautionary steps, Habeck said.

Putin clearly said that all unfriendly countries will have to pay in rubles for the purchase of natural gas and oil from Russia.  

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