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Stocks Tumble Because Of Oil Prices Hike

On Monday, the stocks tumble as prices...

Moscow Stock Exchange Will Resume Trading On Thursday

On Wednesday, the Russian Central Bank announced...

Biden Says China Understands What Russia is Facing As A Result oF War

USA President, Joe Biden said that he believes that China understands the terrible economic consequences of supporting Russia in its war in the Ukraine.

Furthermore, Biden said that he had a straightforward conversation with the President of China last week about the Russian invasion.

Mr. Biden said that Chinese President didn’t made any threats, but, it is still not clear that he understood the consequences of supporting Russia or not.

In addition to this he pointed out clearly the results of helping Russia in its war and also said that China had more strong economic ties with west than the Russia.

Moreover, Biden said that he told the President of China that he should move forward, otherwise he will place himself and country in serious risky situation.

 “I think that China understands that its economic future is much more closely tied to the west than it is to Russia. And so I am hopeful that he does not get engaged,” Biden added.

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