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Fatal Semi Truck Accident In Colorado Causes & Facts

Nowadays semi truck accidents that caused severe injuries and fatalities are drastically increased. These accidents have a high rate of serious injuries and deaths as compared to car accidents. Moreover, in the state these fatal semi truck accidents comprising of more than a quarter of traffic deaths.

In addition to this, the common use of Colorado highways and other thoroughfares enhances the chance of semi truck accidents. That’s why people face more fatal semi truck accident in Colorado commonly. Furthermore, people suffering from these dangerous accidents get more catastrophic injuries.

Therefore, the long-term consequences of such fatal accidents can affect their financial stability and quality of life. No doubt the survivors of these accidents also suffer from severe physical and mental stress. The reason behind their stress is their inability to perform those tasks which previously they used to perform.

On the other side, another worse thing is waiting for you after surviving such accident. All third parties and insurance companies that are working on behalf of truck drivers will pressurize you. They will try their best to convince you to accept the offer of a low settlement.

There is no doubt they are doing such things just to save their financial interest. In addition to this, they will also try to protect the driver side and the truck companies. Needless to say that they will offer an amount that is quite lower than your actual claim. But, there is no need to accept and negotiate on an offer that is less than your actual claim.

Fatal Semi Truck Accident In Colorado

Every passing day increases the rate of these semi truck and truck accidents within Colorado. A driver who killed four people and severely injured several people was sentenced to 110 years.

The 26 years old Rogel Aguilera-Mederos said that the brakes of his track failed due to some fault. His truck crashed many cars that are stopped due to some other accident. The fire destroyed the vehicles.

Bruce Jones, the Judge of that time said that the law tied his hands otherwise he would not allow these sentences to run consecutively. It means these sentences will serve back to back.

On the other hand, the driver said “It’s hard to live with this trauma. I can’t sleep, I think all the time about the victims. This was a terrible accident, I know, I take responsibility. But it wasn’t intentional.”

Prosecutors also blamed Aguilera-Mederos because of his bad decisions before this terrible wreck. Furthermore, the wife of one victim said that we know that all this happened unintentionally. However, it’s really hard to accept the death of our dear one. No doubt, a person feels incomplete after the death of a spouse.

Furthermore, several people were injured due to a chain reaction crash that involves above 28 other vehicles. The truck was carrying lumber and traveling at 85mph. However, in that area, the limit for commercial vehicle speed is 45mph.

Fatal Semi Truck Accident In Kentucky

Furthermore, I-64 fatal semi truck accident in Kentucky is another sad tragedy of semi truck accidents. A Kentucky firefighter died trying to extinguish a fire in a vehicle and his death was a great tragedy. Therefore, his death draws the attention of people and the government towards these fatal semi truck accidents.

In addition to this, the fatal semi truck accident videos become viral. All these things together forced the government and desired departments to take the required actions in this matter.

The victim Glendale Kentucky was 25 years old and was a member of the Glendale Fire Department Team. Their truck was stuck due to the 18-wheeler. Moreover, the victim was operating the pump and that time was outside of their truck.

Suddenly, the semi truck smashed their firefighter truck. Due to this accident, one firefighter died, and one was seriously injured. The injured firefighter was also the mother of a guy who died in an accident.

No doubt she didn’t know that her loving son will die in a fatal semi truck accident in Kentucky today. Furthermore, the Kentucky state police took the case for investigation.

Common Causes of Dangerous Semi Truck Accidents

No one can deny the fact that the number of huge commercial vehicles is increasing day by day. Moreover, thousands of such commercial vehicles are involved in various accidents per year.

Additionally, several accidents and negligence of the truck drivers are easily covered by the companies and law firms as well. Therefore, companies are also responsible for such dangerous semi truck accidents.

Well, there are various other causes that serve as a foundation of any fatal semi truck accident. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Overload trucks can’t able to maintain their balance and also hard to control trucks when the road’s surface is not smooth.
  • The use of drugs and alcohol also causes such accidents
  • Paying less attention to truck maintenance. Start a journey without proper brakes, tires, and transmission checking.
  • Loading improperly can cause serious damage anytime.
  • High-speed driving and crossing the fixed speed limit for commercial vehicles
  • Driving at high speed due to weather or early delivery.

Due to the collision of a fully loaded heavy commercial vehicle with small passenger vehicles damage is high. Moreover, it becomes the cause of catastrophic damage and severe level of injuries. In addition to this, the fatal car accident semi truck fatalities rate is also high.

Needless to say that it’s obvious that motorcyclists, pedestrians, or car passengers will face serious injuries or deaths after such horrible accidents. The Rialto fatal motorcycle accident with a semi truck was also a great tragedy.

Some Facts That You Should Know

  • More than 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA are driving commercial vehicles day and night.
  • They work all days of the week and more than 70 hours without any off days.
  • Moreover, the Semi truck companies ignore all the regulations and laws.
  • The truck companies only focus to minimize the operational cost and ignore all rules of commercial vehicles.
  • In addition to this, they pressurize drivers for on-time delivery that cause over speeding.
  • Furthermore, these vehicles and drivers are highly insured so companies don’t pay attention to others’ safety.

Wrapping Up

With every passing day, the number of fatal semi truck accidents is increasing. Due to these accidents, several people lose their precious lives and others faced severe injuries. The fatal semi truck accident attorney Branson mo is also a tragic example. That’s why it’s the responsibility of the government to pay attention to this issue. In addition to all this, truck drivers also have to follow the speed limit for commercial vehicles. It is the responsibility of all drivers of all vehicles to make sure of their own safety and others’ safety also.

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