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Putin Delivers a Speech Full Of Historic Grievances

Putin High Alert His Deterrence Forces Which Include Nuclear Weapon

Russian President Vladimir Putin lengthy remarks focused on the formation of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic under communist rule in the 20th century.

Some significant points of Mr. Putin Remarks:

  • Putin said “Let’s start from the fact that modern Ukraine, more precisely, by Communist Russia. Immediately, after the 1917 revolution, this process was begun.
  • After the 2nd world war, Stalin already annexed to the USSR and some land which was the part of Romania, Hungry and Poland transferred to Ukraine, Putin added.
  • In 1954, Khrushchev took Crimea for some reason from Russia and now Ukraine owns it. In short, this was the process of formation of the Soviet Ukraine, Mr. Putin said.

In addition to this, last summer, Mr. Putin also published an incredible essay on the history of Russia and Ukraine. It is now; widely getting attention in the context of escalating current pressure on Ukraine.

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